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Future Fighters Youth Mixed Martial Arts

Voorhees, New Jersey

Not your average kids’ martial arts program

Our Future Fighters Children’s Mixed Martial Arts program is an inclusive martial arts and social skills development program. Designed by Jake Skelly, the owner and head coach of Hands Up Studios, who has over a decade in experience teaching martial arts and fitness skills to both children and adults. His work teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing has been featured on Fox’s Good Day Philadelphia.

Recognizing a need for a well rounded Martial Arts program for children that goes beyond the traditional anti-bullying message often advertised by Martial Arts academies, the Hands Up Studios Future Fighters Children’s Mixed Martial Arts program combines  easily understood and reinforced C  that will help your child become a more focused, more attentive, and more conscientious member of your family.

Our program provides  a well-rounded, holistic experience for all participants.  We have combined our respective areas of expertise with outside consultants in order to create a program that builds disciplined fighters, focused scholars, and more productive individuals. The Future Fighters curriculum was developed with insight from Special Education teachers, YMCA Camp Counselors, and Program Directors, with the intention of launching a truly unique physical and mental education experience for your child.

Social Skills Create Great Leaders, Employees, and Individuals

Future Fighters seeks to instill five Core Values in all of their students in the hopes that these ideas will take root and follow your child into adulthood. In the development of the Future Fighters program our consultants, instructors, teachers and parents helped us identify these distinct characteristics that we believe are the keys to academic and social success into adulthood.

Future Fighters Five Core Values

  1. Discipline: Students will learn to consistently follow directions, remain attentive and conscientious during all classroom activities.  This includes completing all tasks in the expected timeframe, sorting and cleaning all required equipment, and having the necessary items required for each class.
  2. Respect: Students will demonstrate the proper attitude towards their teammates, their instructors, and themselves. Hands Up Studios expects all members to treat all individuals inside the classroom as equals regardless of any differences in upbringing or attitude.
  3. Grit: Students are expected to try their best during all activities, especially activities that are physically demanding or mentally challenging. Students will never be forced to complete an activity they cannot do, however, all students are expected to make a valiant effort to accomplish the task at hand.
  4. Teamwork: Students are expected to work together at all times to complete their assignments, distribute equipment, and welcome new members to the classroom .
  5. Leadership: Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to help motivate and inspire their teammates through daily leadership assignments at the beginning of each class.

Martial Arts Classes for Everyone

The Future Fighters Mixed Martial Arts program offers distinct disciplines of martial arts. Classes alternate between Youth Muay Thai Kickboxing and Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu .

In Muay Thai Kickboxing your child will learn the basic mechanics of punching, kicking, throwing knees and using elbows in both defensive and offensive scenarios. Known as the Art of 8 Limbs, Muay Thai Kickboxing is the national sport of Thailand and is an excellent way for your child to learn balance, weight distribution and coordination.

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  program teaches children the fundamental movements and philosophies needed to safely and effectively navigate an altercation that takes place on the ground. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  is a grappling sport that will help your child discover his or her own strength, the concept of weight distribution for balance and control, and general conditioning through repeated exercises.

Both of our programs offer controlled and supervised sparring, but students are not required to participate. While we believe that sparring greatly improves a student’s sense of Grit , we also understand how intimidating sparring can be.

Please understand that Hands Up Studios is a totally safe place for your child to grow and learn. We will push your child to become the best version of themselves but we will never try to make them become someone who they are not. 

Our Core Values are measured and tracked on a daily basis using our ClassDojo application. Each time a child demonstrates a Core Value during class, they will receive a point assigned to their character within the application, along with a note describing why your child earned the point that they did. This allows us to track individual student progress, create custom behavioral plans for your child, and so much more.

Through a combined curriculum of martial arts and social skills, students will be strengthening the executive functioning skills required to succeed in school.  Improvements will be made in their focus, organizational skills, and impulse control.  These factors are proven to be linked to a child’s academic performance.

Hands Up Studios believes in measurable data and a carefully observed approach to monitoring your child’s progress. Promotions at our  Studio are not solely based upon a student’s performance in Martial Arts. Rather, promotions are given based upon a child’s effective improvement in demonstration of the Core Values in addition to their improvement in martial arts techniques.

We believe that each child is unique in their journey and we base our program on that belief. When joining our program and at each ceremony, students are reminded that progress is an individual accomplishment and that each child will have a unique journey. A more advanced student is not a “better” Future Fighter; a more advanced student simply displays a more expanded understanding of the Core Values we believe are necessary for long term success.

In addition to the successful careers in Mixed Martial Arts competition our staff is trained to implement Responsive Classroom techniques that are used in many schools.  Responsive Classroom is a method of behavioral modification that strives to instill the social and emotional competencies children need to be successful in and out of the classroom.  Responsive Classroom reinforces positive social skills while teaching children to become more self-aware.  You will observe staff using logical consequences: Reminding, Reinforcing, and Redirecting language. Each class ends with our instructor leading a “Closing Circle” where students can reflect on the lessons learned during the hour, and Instructors can reinforce our Core Values based upon your child’s behavior in class.

Hands Up Studios is the only Mixed Martial Arts academy in Voorhees, NJ and surrounding areas using the behavior tracking and direct communication application known as Class Dojo.  Parents will be able to see when and how their children are exhibiting the Core Values of the program in real time by checking in our class. You can see your child’s attendance, a summary of his or her accomplishments in class, and you can even see pictures and video clips of your child in class as posted on the class story . Additionally, a messaging feature allows for direct communication between our Director/Instructors and parents.  And it’s completely free!

Benefits of Becoming a Future Fighter Student

Program Highlights

  • Access to 60 minute classes six days a week
  • Program packages designed to fit into your budget and schedule
  • Daily progress monitoring through the ClassDojo iPhone and Android Application
  • All classes instructed by lifelong martial artists
  • Monthly progress reports and promotion ceremonies
  • Your child will create lifelong friendships
  • Observe your child’s boosted confidence!

Interested In Learning More?

Hands Up Studios is the premier Mixed Martial Arts training academy in Voorhees and the surrounding South Jersey area. We offer a totally free week of classes so you can make sure you can take advantage of our program while adjusting to our daily schedule. Please contact us for more information. You can also call or text us directly to schedule your free consultation and trial.

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