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Voorhees, New Jersey

Our  Bootcamp program is a 60 minute, high energy beginner level class that is unlike any cardio conditioning class on the market. Our highly trained Instructors break down the techniques, movements and philosophies that have allowed them to find success on the amateur and professional fighting circuits. We will teach you the same offensive and defensive tactics that you can watch on television in a completely safe and contact free environment.

Classes begin with a structured warm up before students are broken down into partners or small groups. Once our break out session begins the techniques of the day are practiced with full padding on the hands and legs while all strikes are thrown to heavily padded, professional quality leather training equipment. After your instructor demonstrates the day’s technique you will have the opportunity to practice the movements without worrying about bodily harm to you or your partner.


Make no mistake that although this is a beginner friendly class our instructors are trained to challenge athletes of all levels. New students to the Bootcamp program are given a 14 day adjustment period where our instructors evaluate the student’s physical and mental readiness and ability to participate in challenging exercises. Your instructor will personalize your workout plan in each class to give you proper time to adjust to your new routine. After your introductory period your instructor will evaluate your progress and make adjustments based upon your unique fitness experience. Bootcamp is a perfect program for athletes of all types from former college competitors to recent retirees looking to find a rewarding use for their newfound time.


Benefits of Boot Camp Classes

Program Highlights

  • Access to beginner level programming 6 days a week
  • Boxing and Kickboxing classes available
  • Absolutely no sparring or contact
  • All techniques performed on professionally padded equipment
  • Burn up to 1000 calories in each 60 minute class
  • Make new friends while working towards a more active lifestyle

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Hands Up Studios is the premier Mixed Martial Arts training academy in Voorhees and the surrounding South Jersey area. We offer a totally free week of classes so you can make sure you can take advantage of our program while adjusting to our daily schedule. Please contact us for more information. You can also call or text us directly to schedule your free consultation and trial.

Please contact us at 856-357-2049 for a more personalized interaction with our team.

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