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Located inside of the Coliseum Fight Club in Voorhees, NJ, Hands Up Studios is a revolutionary martial arts and fitness program that is easily accessible to all ages and all fitness levels.

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Known as the Art of 8 Limbs, Muay Thai kickboxing is an intense cardiovascular workout that involves punches and kicks as well as knees and elbows. All of our classes are ALL LEVELS meaning that you do not need to worry about having experience to participate. Sparring is voluntary and only under the supervision of our instructors.


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Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is a style of fighting that encompasses any martial arts technique. MMA fights always start on the feet – where fighters use boxing and kickboxing techniques – yet ground fighting is a major part of the sport. MMA students will learn the intricacies of kickboxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu and boxing to ensure they possess a well rounded skill set. Sparring will be involved in some classes and only under the supervision of our instructors.


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Our Future Fighters program combines Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing techniques with every day life skills: stress and time management, how to deal with bullies, proper hygiene and even successful study habits. The Future Fighter’s program is more than a martial arts class – we want your child to excel at anything they attempt in life – whether on the mats or off the mats. The JUNIOR FIGHTERS class accepts students ages 3-6. Our FUTURE FIGHTERS class is for students 6 and above although some restrictions may be made based upon size and maturity.


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Our Women’s Fitness Bootcamp class is unlike anything you have tried before at your local gym. This class is taught by fighters, using the same techniques and intensity they engage in while preparing for a fight, but this class is limited to women only. Come train in a high intensity environment while learning the fundamental skills to protect yourself and your family. Don’t worry! You will never be hit while taking this class! You will only sweat more than you have before while learning great technique with like minded women! The best part about this class is that it is open to ALL LEVELS. That means if you just ran a 5k, you just had your second child, or you haven’t worked out in a few years — our instructors will scale the workout to your level so that you’re still burning calories without overworking yourself.

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Our classes are designed to push you to your limit. Whether you are an

aspiring fighter or someone tired of doing the average routine at the

average gym, Hands Up Studios will help you realize your true potential.